The Indy Antique Advertising Show
The Indy Antique Advertising Show
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“I have always placed the Indy Ad Show at the very top of my favorite list. As a dealer and auction promoter/consultant the show is indispensable as a source to meet new buyers and greet existing friends and customers.

From a buyer's standpoint, you could not select a better venue from which to add to your collection. Whether you are just beginning to collect, or are an advanced veteran, the Indy show will consistently offer you a wide array of choices in your hunt to expand your collection. The many exhibiting dealers take pride in showing their best inventory.

My enthusiasm for the show has not waned since my first booth showing in 1988!”

Gary Metz, Antiques/Auctions Consultant, Roanoke, VA


“The show has a fresh new look and feel with the broader base of quality dealers and the increased number of customers coming through the door. Bruce and Donna looked at the market, listened to the customers and the dealers and have responded to their needs. They have taken a show that was definitely sliding and stopped the slide. We think it's back on the way to its former glory and most likely make it better than it ever was.

We enjoy coming to the show and just hangin' out! It's a fun show again and we're happy to be a part of it.”

Rich & Sharon Penn, Owners Rich Penn Auctions, Waterloo, IA


“If you missed the Indy Ad Show last March, you missed a great show! Lots of new dealers offered a wide selection of quality advertising and toys. Our sales were up and we look forward to the next show. With other shows dying, they (promoters Bruce & Donna) are turning this one around.”


Irene and Carter Davis, Studebaker Antiques, Onancock, VA


“It is not a huge show but I was very impressed with the quality of merchandise. Usually when you go to a show, you might go to 15 booths before you find antique advertising to even look at. Here, each and every booth had things I liked and appreciated.”

Gary Ulery, Youngwood, PA


“The Indy Ad Show is the best antique advertising show in the country for collectors and dealers alike. Donna and Bruce Weir have done an unbelievable job of marketing and promoting this show to make it the success that it has become. This show is very organized and professionally run and I would strongly recommend any dealer or interested party at any level to attend and setup at this show.”


Dan Morphy, Owner, Morphy Auctions


"I participate in 20 shows and auctions a year, and the INDY AD SHOW is my favorite."


Scott Rosenman, Scott Rosenman Antiques, Baltimore, MD


“The promoters (Bruce & Donna) have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. There were more dealers on the floor, several whom we had not seen before and several that have not been at the show for years. The attendance was very strong – one old-time shopper commented to us ‘Holy Smoke! What a crowd of shoppers there are in line outside’.”


Marvin and Cindy Gardner, Centerville, OH

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