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The Indy Antique Advertising Show
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March 2015 Show
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Ford Tin Directional Sign Revolving Billboard Salesman Sample 1940s Western Cartridge Ammo Cardboard 1920s Western Cartridge Shell Box Cardboard 1920s
Bear Automotive
Alignment Cardboard
Butchers Arms Porcelain Sign Carnation Milk Porcelain Coca Cola Car Hop Porcelain
Delco Radio Television Tin Sign Dr. Pepper Thermometer 1930s Eveready Cloth Banner Hydro United Tire Collection 1921
Ice Cream Sundae DieCut California 1940s Kodak DS Procelain Large Fountain Service
Coca Cola SSP
Michelin Tire First Aid Kit
Mopar Counter Lighted Sign Natural Chilean Soda Pepsi Double Bubble Clock Pesi Cola 1941 Thermometer
Royal Crown Cola Napkin Dispenser Rare Trico Wiper Poster Esso Motorized Tiger Display Gold Bond Beer Chaulk Figure
Marion Bobcat Motor
Car Pocket Mirror
Blonze Plaque Oscar II King of Sweden, Norway Fairbanks Fairy Calendar 1902 Folk Art Model Ship
1900 5.5 Ft Long
Folk Art Model Ship
1900s 4 Ft Long
Milk Bottle Cap Hartzfeld Furniture Sampler 1848 Sampler 1875
CGC Graded Comic Books Delco Battery Sign Early Ice Cream Scoop Jeweler Trade Sign
John Deere Toys NIB Moores Air Tigt Heater Tin Sign Showcase Good Year Tires Porcelain
Grand Order Cigar
Self Framed Tin
Orange Juice
Syrup Store Display
Chloride South Africa
Embossed Leather
Variety Advertising Signs 3
Alaska Refrigerators
Salesman Booklet 1
Alaska Refrigerators
Salesman Booklet 2
Baltimore Enamel
Company Sign
Chloride South Africa
Embossed Leather
EssoLube Porcelain Sign Finland Auto Touring Badge
1930s Scarce
Firestone Flange Porcelain Sign GMC Truck Porcelain Sign
Queens Commemoration Visit
1869 Box Set 1
Queens Commemoration Visit
1869 Box Set 2
Singer Porcelain Sign Stromberg Carburetor
Tape Measure
Atterbury Duck Patent 1887 Beaded Purse
made in Jackson Prison
Bisque Humidor Bryon Money Political Campaign
Cast Iron Still Banks Coca Cola DS Porcelain
Fountain Service
Herman Miller
Wire Base Table Sample
Nappanee IN 1929 Lambert Calendar
Official Girl Scout Camera Robert Burns Silk Bookmark Schuco Wind Up Toys Germany Staffordshire Nesting Chickens
Cast Iron Still Bank
Victorian Colonial House
Dupont Self Framed
Tin Early 1900s
Morgan Quality
Woodwork House Design
Staffordshire Dogs with
glass eyes 19th Century
Sweet Orr Double Sided Porcelain Chevrolet Pocelain 1920s Clean Moxie Sign Cycle Thermoter Meter
Fisk Tire Flange Gas and Oil Tin Signs Jewelry Poc. Trade Sign
and Golden Age Kola Flange
NOS Monogram Motometer Counter Display
Oysters and Insurance
Porcelain Signs
Rare Rauch &
Lang Electric Auto Poster
Stationers Porcelain Sign Thermometers - Match Holders - Door Pushes
Tourists Double Sided Sign Variety Advertising Signs 2 Variety Advertising Signs Variety Porcelain Signs
Farm Salesman Samples Bordens DS Porcelain Sign BPO Elk SSP Sign 30 inch Brundage Irish Boy
Mechanical Valentine
Daniel Green Felt Shoe
Co Charger 1900s
Eveready Battery Display 1940s Good Year Winged Foot
46 inch Sign
Life Size Chi-Namel Display
by Old King Cole
Mail Pouch
Porcelain Thermometer
Model Tobacco Porcelain Sign Poll Parrot Sidewalk Display Sherwin Williams DSP Sign 6 FT
Sunbeam Bread Door Push      

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