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March, 2014 Show
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1940-50s Chalk Beer Advertising Auto Radiator Tags $65-150 Blackstone Cigar Sign Buster & Tige
Country Store Dolly Madision 5 Ft
Double  Sided Porcelain
Firehouse Collectibles Firehouse Collectibles2
Flange Signs Grouping Presse Steel Trucks Henley Bicycle Adv Large Breyers Light Sign
Live Poultry Trade Sign Live Remote w Heather
of Randy's Toy Shop
Live Remote w Jimmy Morris Live Remote w Promoters
Bruce & Donna
Live Remote w Tom Tolworthy Mentholatum Advertising Pre Prohibition Beer Tray Rare Pepsi Salesman Cooler
Salesman Sample Saddle Self Framed Tin Showcase Items Showcase Items2
Showcase Items3 Showcase Items4 Winchester Bullet Board Wooden TeePee
Bicycle Trade Stimulator Bicyle Wheel Trade Stimulator Collar Button Display Henry George Cigar Tin Sign
Jones Gum Showcase Mormon Car Salesman Kit Pic1 Mormon Car Salesman Kit Pic2 Mormon Car Salesman Kit Pic3

Milk Sign

Callaway Store
Display for towels

Lucky Strike Diecut

Two Great Candy Signs

Cats Eye Police Stop Sign

Early Candy Machine

Farmall Trade Sign

Goodyear Tire Display


Gulf Porcelain Sign

Jersey Lane Ice Cream

Porcelain Signs

Rare Gem Razor Display


Sun Insurance Porcelain Sign

Typewriter Porcelain Sign

Westinghouse Porcelain Sign

Bordens Tin Open Close Sign


Rat Poison Advertising

Sen Sen Chewing Gum

Zepps Tonic Tin Sign

Ballantine Export Beer Tin


Kurth Lager Beer Tin

Lime Cola Bottle Display

Mitchells Butlers
Ale Reverse on Glass

5 Cent Rides Sign w Bracket


1920 Winchester
Auto Tool Display

1942 NOS Coca Cola Porcelain
Car Hop Sign

Kwik Lite Flashlight
Country Store Display

Reddy Kilowatt
Counter Display


King Bee Coffee Dispenser

9 Oclock Tea Tin Sign

Brothel Safe

Butcher Rack Cast Iron

Dutch Boy Banner 1929

Early Mitchell Car Tin Sign

Edison Mazda Display Box

Folk Art Cigar Advertising


Fram Cartridge Display

Framflex Display

Goodrich Silvertown
Double Sided Porcelein

Griesedieck Beer Light

Ingrams Salve Celluloid

Lictonic Tin Sign

Lorillard Tobacco
Porcelain Sign

Lucky Strike
1 cent Match Dispener

Peanut Warmer

Peerless Clipping Machine
Tri Fold Cardboard

Rare Mobil Pump Plate

Salesman Sample Safe

Sherwin Williams Porcelein
15 inch

Squeeze Cola
Die Cut Cardboard

Standard Oil
Cardboard Light Up

Wayne Feed NOS Tin Sign

Wonder Washer
Salesman Sample
Apple Kids Cap
Display St. Louis
Columbia Healing Powder
& Gall Salve - Plaster
Double Sided Broom Holder
Old Diner Pastry Keeper Ligted Doubled Sided
Tourist Sign
GMC Double Sided
Porcelain 24 x 48
Round Oak Stove Match
Safe Side 1
Round Oak Stove Match
Safe Side 2
Rare Good Year
Flashing Ligt Up Display
Colorado Fence Sign AC Spark Plug 1940s NOS
Coca Cola Clock Coca Cola Tray Hood Tires JAX Beer Lighted Display
Johnson Oils Tin Moxie Flange NOS Orange Crush Cap Pepsi Cap
R Pep Embossed Tin Rare Budweiser Girl
in Salmon Dress
Restored Coca Cola Machine Texoco Never Used!
Wood Garage Sign 1927 Cross Crossings
Cautiously poster
Lime and Cememt Sign Weather Bird Rooster
1930's Willard battery poster Early 1900's Ankorite
for Fords sign
Late 60's Shelby parts
tin sign with bracket
Leich Magnetic Timer
Rare 1930s Lincoln
Hwy Thermometer
Scarce Veedol Tractor Oil Tin    

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