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The Indy Show is located in the Champions Pavilion on the Indiana State Fairgrounds. This 65,000 sq. ft. building is a great location to host the entire show under one roof. This climate controlled facility is non-smoking. Pets are not allowed. A food stand operated by the fairgrounds will be open during show hours. Round-the-clock security is provided by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Booth Rental
The booth rental at the Indy Ad Show includes 8' tables which is unique. Most shows require exhibitors to purchase tables seperately or to provide their own. The booth size is determined by the number of tables that are set up in a U shape.

  • 3 table booth 8x13 $350.00

  • 4 table booth 8x21 $450.00

  • 5 table booth 8x29 $550.00

  • 6 table booth 8x37 $650.00

  • 7 table booth 8x29 $750.00

  • 8 table booth 8x37 $850.00

Tables (length of 8 ft.) are included with the booth rental as outlined above. Additional tables are available at $12 each when ordered with contract or $15 each at time of set-up. Tables must be covered with approved flame retardant cloth.

Set Up
Set up is Friday 7am to 1pm and should be completed before show's opening at 1pm. The building is large enough to allow drive-in to unload on Friday proceeding show opening. All vehicles must be removed from the building by noon.

To qualify for the DROP and GO on Thursday, rent must be paid in full by February 1st for March show and August 15th for the September show. This special hour is for unloading your vehicle, covering tables and setting up display racks. ABSOLUTELY no unpacking or displaying of merchandise. Anyone shopping/selling/buying during this one hour will be immediately dismissed from the show and forfeit booth rental. This is a great opportunity to get a head start on Friday set up. Times are assigned in advance to space out the flow for ease of direct access to booth space.

Availability of showcases and walls
Mitchell Displays independently provides showcases and pegboard walls for rental. Each show case is approximately 7 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide with glass display shelves. See thru cases with glass on each side is $290 and wall cases are $260. Pegboard walls are available in 4ft sections for $7.50 per foot. Each dealer determines the placement for their walls and showcases for their booth. Showcases and pegboard must be ordered in advance of the show. For ordering or additional pricing information, contact Mitchell Displays direct at 800-496-7368.
Click here for link.

Electricity is available for a $35 fee and must be ordered with contract. Exhibitors need to provide their own extension cords from outlet to the booth.

The Indy Antique Advertising Show is for antique and vintage items prior to 1965. Reproductions and fantasy items (those never produced) are NOT allowed. B & D Promotions reserves the right to require any dealer with merchandise not fitting with the show to be removed from display. All merchandise is to be priced in advance.

The Indiana Fairgrounds charges for public parking. As an exhibitor, you will receive a parking pass in advance of the show to allow entry and parking at no cost. Vehicles and trailers cannot be parked in the building overnight or during show hours. Trailers can be parked overnight on the infield.


This show is sponsored by Bruce & Donna Weir of B & D Promotions of Effingham, IL. Contact address is 8366 Timber Ridge Rd., Effingham, IL 62401

Exhibitor Online Sign Up Form


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Names for Exhibitor Badges (limit two per booth)

Additional two exhibitors for two dealers sharing a five-table or larger booth

Indicate Requested Booth Size
3 Table Booth 8’ x 13’ $350.00 4 Table Booth 8’ x 21’ $450.00
5 Table Booth 8’ x 29’ $550.00 6 Table Booth 8’ x 37’ $650.00
7 Table Booth 8’ x 45’ $750.00 8 Table Booth 8’ x 53’ $850.00
Booth Rent:
Electric @ $35 Fee:
Extra Tables Cost @ $12 each:

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